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5 Common Sense Ways for Men to Appear Taller

Taller people enjoy many proven benefits in life including better relationships, better salaries and better self-confidence. It is not surprising therefore that many people who are not naturally gifted with height look for ways to artificially add inches to their body. While women can simply don a pair of heels, men have to resort to subtler arts to try to increase their perceived height better than just buying height increasing shoes.

Almost every article on appearing taller works in overused ideas like wearing vertical stripes that are so recognisable as a height increasing device that when worn they almost scream 'Look at me, I'm short'. If you want to add to your height without drawing attention to yourself, use these 5 practical ways to make yourself appear taller to others without appearing to be trying too hard.

Dress in Monochrome


By blocking off your body in different colours, you're encouraging people to look at you in several parts instead of straight from head to toe. Dress in variations of one colour (preferably a dark one like black or grey) and avoid garish accessories like bright belts or socks. Not only is this look stylish and slimming but it is also an easy way of making yourself seem taller without obvious flags like the aforementioned vertical stripes.

If you have hair, use it.

You don't need to grow a mohawk, but having a slightly longer hairstyle worn off your face can subtly add inches. Grow out your hair enough for it to stand up and then style it in a way that you feels suits you best. This is a tip to note especially if you have dark hair that stands out, making it an even more effective height tool.

Wear well fitting clothes


Wearing badly fitting clothes is the quickest way of drawing attention to your size, so smooth out those lines and wear closely fitting and well tailored clothes that emphasise straight lines and don't call attention to themselves. If you are between sizes, get your clothes altered so they fit sharply and best suit your frame.

People tend to associate long with narrow, and the same goes with height. Streamline your look and wear slim-cut clothing. By avoiding baggy styles, you are encouraging people to look straight up and down and not side to side - which helps draw attention away from your height. Another sneaky way to add height is to wear a skinny tie, which helps to add to the impression that you are narrow through and therefore taller.

Walk Tall

You would be amazed at how many people clamour to appear taller but still slouch and entertain a bad posture while walking. No matter how much monochrome clothing you wear, if you hunch over you will make yourself look smaller - in addition to it being generally unattractive and also bad for your health. Bad posture isn't just an aesthetic problem, you can actually damage your back and cause yourself severe pain by consistently having bad posture. Be more aware of how you stand and try to sit and stand tall with a straight spine at all times: it is the best way to project confidence and therefore project height.

Well these were just a few tips on how you can make yourself look taller. Alternatively you can also browse around in our store to find shoes that will make you look taller. If you have more ideas, just let us know in the comments!