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A-grow-bics: A Shortcut to Height or Simply Tall Tales?

Adding inches to your height by exercising sounds like a tall story to some, but one London gym is so confident in its ‘A-Grow-Bics’ class that it is putting its money where its mouth is. The Farringdon branch of the London gym chain GymBox has developed a new exercise regime with fitness trainer Pierre Pozzuto that guarantees you will grow at least 2cm in 6 weeks or you get your money back. Pozzuto is not the first nor will he be the last person to claim to be able to make people 'grow' via exercise, but the popularity of his programme has led to a lot of speculation among both the press and the medical community about whether his plan can truly help add inches.

So what is A-Grow-Bics?

A-Grow-Bics is a gruelling workout routine that will certain help you trim your width, but what is it about the programme that supposedly adds to your height? The main way in which A-Grow-Bics can really help is that most of the exercises aim to help decompress your spine, making you stand taller. Bad posture, gravity and a range of other issues compress your spine over time, leading to a slight natural hunch that prevents you from standing as tall as you are naturally able. Combining everything from hanging upside down to pilates, A-grow-bics also makes claims that by doing interval training you can encourage the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which will also make you taller.

Does A-grow-bics work?

Certain exercises can certainly decompress your spine to temporarily make you stand taller, but over time your spine will simply compress again and you will loose your gained inches. Furthermore, many medical experts have expressed distrust and concern over the methods used by Pierre to make his clients 'grow'. In particular, encouraging micro-fractures contrary to Pierre's claims will not actually add to your height and might even be harmful to your health. His use of sprint exercises to encourage the production of HGH in particular is said to be scientifically unproven.

Should I go for it?

A-grow-bics have great testimonials and people do seem to really get taller. Yet the main crux is that this height advantage is temporary, and it is at an unknown cost to your health. Exercise is good and encouraging yourself to stand taller is good, but that should not be at the cost of your overall health or your wallet. You can obtain many of the benefits of A-Grow-Bics at home by simply following a good exercise regimen and working on improving your posture. If you like the idea of A-Grow-Bics and want to try it at home, the best way is to simply improve your posture via exercise. Taking up Pilates or yoga (two disciplines A-Grow-Bics uses) will help you sit and stand taller, even if they don't literally add to your height.