Average Height of Fortune 500 CEOS: 6'2"

Average Height of Fortune 500 CEOS: 6'2"

Doug McMillon of Walmart: 5’9”
Matthias Müller of VolksWagen: 6’2”
Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway: 5’10”
Tim Cook of Apple: 6’3”
Bob Dudley of BP: 6’3”
Bill Gates of Microsoft: 5’10”
Sundar Pichai of Google: 6’3”
John S Watson of Chevron: 6’4”


Based purely on statistics in the average height for male CEOs of fortune 500 companies, it becomes evident that tall height does play a key trend in business leaders.

With such findings, height also influences the way we naturally perceive leadership and power. Whether we’re at a networking event or at an assessment centre with peers whom you’re competing with to get the same job - you can’t help but make the assumption that the taller individuals stand a better chance, given their stronger and more superior presence. Not only that, but taller people are more noticeable than shorter people, allowing them to own the room.

In addition, human evolution has proven that taller and physically stronger individuals tend to lead and protect their tribes from danger - which is no different to the corporate world where CEO’s of leading companies are inches above the average height. 

Perhaps we may wonder if this is classed as discrimination - but truth of the matter is, even short powerful men such as Lloyd Blankfein of 5’4” (CEO of Goldman Sachs) and Nicolas Sarkozy of 5’5” (President of France) have faced the reality of how important height is and have admitted to wearing height increasing shoes and insoles that make them appear much taller than they are.