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Extreme Measures for Extreme Height: 3 Insane Ways to Get Taller

Height is often such a touchy subject that some will try literally anything to be taller - even if it dangerous. While many smaller-than-average people opt for certain clothing choices or heeled shoes to add the appearance of height, some are so desperate that they resort to chemicals or even surgery to add actual inches to their body. While adding the appearance of height does have certain benefits, there are much cheaper, safer and generally more sane ways to look taller than forcing your body to stretch or grow.  Here are three crazy ways to get taller that we certainly would not recommend at home, no matter how short you are!

Growth Hormone

  Many children suffer from growth hormone deficiencies and fortunately in the past few years their natural ailment has been proved curable with human growth hormone injections. However there are some who are willing to take on the possibly lethal side-effects of HGH in hope that it will help them grow taller, look younger and provide any number of untested benefits. The problem is that HGH only helps add height around puberty, and loses its ability to effectively add height once you have stopped growing. This elementary fact however has not stopped many though from attempting to procure HGH illegally in hopes that it could have an affect on their height. Slightly ironically, many pills claiming to be HGH on the internet are often fake and are either placebos or other kinds of harmful chemical, meaning that attempting to obtain HGH without a medical prescription is a dangerous business. Being taller is great, but it should not cost you your life (or land you in prison).

Bone Surgery

  Some people are so desperate to get tall that they’ll even resort to surgeries usually preserved only to sufferers of dwarfism. One British man hit the papers last year when he paid £34000 to be lengthened out by 2 and half inches, in a process that took months and a considerable amount of pain and effort. The price for the growth is not just money, but also time: the procedure works by breaking the thigh bone and then placing an artificial metal rod in the gap which is gradually lengthened over a period of two months. The constant breaking and rebreaking of bone is extremely painful, and often leaves the patient unable to walk for months. While many cosmetic doctors have claimed that the procedure is no more dangerous than breast augmentation, orthopaedic surgeons usually warn against the procedure due to the risks inherent in any surgery - especially those that involve repeated compounding of bone.


The rack was a medieval torture device that pulled people from head to toe in an attempt to cause tremendous pain, but some people are capitalising on that awful idea in an absurd attempt to get taller. Many dubious websites on the web recommend stretching by hanging from objects or utilising rack-like devices to literally stretch oneself out. However there is little evidence that such stretching can add inches to your frame, and in fact the only known consequences are that such routines actually damage your bones, can cause disabilities and can leave your body damaged beyond repair with all manner of problems - including bone stress, nerve damage and even paralysis. Again, there are plenty of ways to look taller without actually harming yourself or your body. Adding inches can provide a number of benefits, but it should never cost you either your life savings or your actual life.