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Fashion Icons for the "Vertically Challenged" Man

Although catwalks typically feature hulking men that passed six feet in their teens, fashion icons come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are barely over 5ft and sporting height increasing shoes or whether they are just a few inches shy of 6ft, men take inspiration from all corners when it comes to their personal style. Here, we take a look at some of the pint-sized icons who have created their own fashion niche and inspired men everywhere. Tinie Tempah Known for his black-rimmed glasses and an array of sharp suits, Tinie Tempah (real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu) has set the fashion scene alight with clothing for the shorter man. Highlights include the traditional mac coat he wore for the Burberry Prorsum show recently, and an all-red suit that attracted attention at another fashion bash. Dustin Hoffman Iconic for his role in The Graduate in the 1960s, Dustin Hoffman has been a steady fashion icon for the shorter man ever since. Measuring in at 5ft 6, what he lacks in height, he has made up for with charisma and explosive presence on set, leading to a number of Academy and Best Actor awards. Dustin typically sticks to slick suits which are cut to suit his frame - a tried and tested approach which would benefit men of any height. George Clooney Known for wearing thick heels or elevator shoes "Gorgeous George" is an icon for the shorter man. In his earlier movies he appeared a towering, commanding figure, but in more recent big screen productions and in candid shots, he appears to have shrunk in stature. George Clooney is the epitome of the phrase ‘height doesn’t matter’; many of the world’s most beautiful women have confessed to a crush on George.  For this well-dressed silver fox, height has been no hindrance. So why do these "vertically challenged" men look so great? Fashion choices play a significant role - here are a few tips that will benefit any man looking to increase his stature:
  • Wear trousers that sit at the hip; this serves to elongate the body, whereas higher styles truncate the torso.
  • Stick to smaller prints and colours from the same palette to pull together a look which gives you a seamless silhouette - this can add the illusion of inches.
  • Consider your shoe choice - to add those vital few extra inches, height increasing shoes are a subtle way to gain a little extra confidence. Just be sure to match them with the rest of the look.