From top to toe: How to wear men's dress shoes

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From top to toe: How to wear men's dress shoes

So you want to look smart, but you're not sure where to start?  Or maybe you're already a fashionable fellow, looking for a few tips on wearing dress shoes.  Either way, take a look at this week's blog.

Types of shoes

Brogues and Oxfords: There is something about laces that instantly gives men's shoes the polish they need to look the part for work, important meetings or social occasions. Men today have a broad choice of stylish, durable shoes with different styles and finishes. Moreover, men who are seeking a height boost can also benefit from height increasing shoes, which feature a specially designed insole which can add inches to your stature. Loafers: These are classic men's shoes that can be dressed up or down. Loafers come in a wide range of colours including classic shades like brown and black, as well as brighter colours, which are particularly suited to summer wear. Loafers are ideal addition to every man's wardrobe, because they go the distance with comfort and style.  These days, specially designed loafers can also be found with height boosting insoles.

Types of materials used for men's dress shoes

Leather: Leather is one of the most commonly used materials for shoes, thanks to its durability and style. It's worth spending that bit extra on leather, as your shoes will tend to offer better comfort due to leather's ability to gently stretch over time to fit your feet perfectly, as well as its breathability as a natural material. Men's dress shoes made from leather are a practical option for any man who wants to invest in achieving effortless comfort and style. Leather men's dress shoes will typically not require much maintenance: with the occasional polish, they'll look smart for a day in the office or important events and occasions. Suede: If blue suede shoes were good enough for Elvis, they're good enough for you.  A type of leather made from the underside of the skin, suede has a velvet-like appearance and is soft, pliable and available in a range of colours. Suede is often used for men's casual shoes, but depending on the style, can also work fantastically in dressier situations, adding edge to your outfit.  But take care of your suede shoes - they need to be maintained.  Due to suede's textured nature and open pores, it can absorb stains and liquids and often benefits from being sprayed with a suede protector, typically available from any shoe repair store. Treat them well and you can stay fashionably comfortable for a good while.

Occasions to wear men's dress shoes

Evenings out: C'mon guys - make an effort. Whether you are out to meet with colleagues, hang out with friends, or look for love, leave the trainers at home and don a pair of dress shoes such as loafers, oxfords or brogues.  Pair them with ironed jeans or smart trousers and raise your social status immediately. If you also want to raise your stature, think about men's height increasing shoes, which can help add a few precious inches. Interviews, meetings and presentations: First impressions really count.  Even if your workplace is relatively casual, aim to dress better than the best-dressed person on your floor.  Get yourself the best pair of shoes you can afford - consider it an investment in yourself - and consider whether shoes that add a few inches would be beneficial in adding to your sense of self-confidence and authority.

Finish the look

For an attractive, seamless finish, be sure to match any metal detail on your shoes (if applicable), with your belt buckle, suspenders (braces) blazer buttons and cufflinks.

Whether you want to blend in or stand out, a wide range of men's shoes is there for the picking. Elevate your sense of style today with a new pair!