New Year's SALE 30% OFF

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New Year's SALE 30% OFF

2016 has been a year of celebrating the classic kicks. From the rebirth of the Stan smiths and Nike bringing the “Back to the Future” shoes to life. Here to reminisce the incredible year that we’ve had, Altitude Shoes decided to give incredible deals on our most popular shoes of 2016! 

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First off, the Wanderer. If you are a fan of the clean white shoes, similar to the Stan Smiths but also looking for an extra height with quality leather, the Wanderer is perfect for you. It is a versatile shoe that looks great whether you’re going for the smart or casual look. The Wanderer is also flexible for both summer and winter styles and it’s simplicity allows you to match with your clothes for a variety of occasions. From simple Khaki chinos with a plain white T-shirt to Navy ankle cut trousers with white shirt and blazer, 2016 brings an incredible year of matching smart-casual ensemble with simple trainers. 

Another great casual sneakers are the Racer and Rider. While the Wanderer is more flexible for all seasons, the suede touch on the Racer and Rider shoes focuses more on winter/autumn style. It works perfectly with a long straight-cut or skinny dark jeans added with a navy jumper. For the regular high ankle sneakers, the slightly extra coverage makes it is easy for legs to look shorter. However, the added 2.5 inch height gives consumers an extension of the leg making our customers look taller and slimmer in the Racer sneakers.   In addition to the Racer and Rider, Breeze is another high-top sneaker that has become increasingly popular for its breathable material. It comes in black, brown and white, with a 2.5 inch heel. To those of you who have got “work on fitness” on your New Year’s resolution would find this shoe perfect! It’s rubber grip bottoms works great as an athletic shoe, as well as for fashion, and provides a little bit of ventilation during a vigorous workout.