Not too tall, not too short, just right: How do you measure up in a relationship?

At Altitude Shoes, we’ve blogged previously about the ideal height difference in a relationship and were interested to find this study recently conducted by YouGov (July 2014), which researched men and women to find the heights that they felt were ideal or acceptable for a romantic partner, compared against actual (self-reported) average heights. Wanting to keep our readers informed, we’ve outlined the findings below. You can also read the original article here. For those of you who read these results and are concerned you are falling short, why not consider height increasing shoes, which will make you taller by 2-4 inches?


 The average British man:

  • Wants a woman no taller than 6 feet
  • Considers a woman (as a romantic partner)  “ideal” at 5’6”, but “too short” at 4’11” and  “too tall” at 6’ foot
Real Heights: The study found 95% of women fall between 5’ and 5’11” Additionally:
  • 10% of men say no height is too short
  • 9% of men say no height is too tall

The average British woman:

  • Want a man no shorter than 5'4"
  • Considers a man (as a romantic partner) “ideal” at 5’11”, but “too short” at 5’3” and  “too tall” at 6’3”
Real Heights: The study found 94% of men fall between 5’4” and 6’3 Additionally:
  • 4% of women say no height is "too short"
  • 7% of women say no height is "too tall"

If you fall short of the preferred height, rest assured – most men do. The study asked respondents to report their own height, rounded to the nearest inch, and found that the average man reported a height of 5’10” and the average woman reported a height of 5’4”.  So, on average, it appears both sexes are ambitiously seeking an “above average” height in a partner. For those of you who are vertically challenged, some comfort to take from this is that clearly there is a lot of wriggle room. For women, the gap between “too short” and “too tall” was a full foot! YouGov also asked respondents what height they would personally like to be, ideally. Women tended to want to be two inches taller than the average, while the men surveyed tended to want to be one inch taller. If you would like to be an inch (or more) taller, we are delighted to say that we can help. Our height enhancing shoes offer a 2-4 inch boost, depending on the style you chose. Why don’t you take a look at our range today – and book yourself a date for tonight? ;)