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At Altitude Shoes, we’ve blogged previously about the ideal height difference in a relationship and were interested to find this study recently conducted by YouGov (July 2014), which researched men and women to find the heights that they felt were ideal or acceptable for a romantic partner, compared against actual (self-reported) average heights. Wanting to keep our readers informed, we’ve outlined the findings below. You can also read the original article here. For those of you who read these results and are concerned you are falling short, why not consider height increasing shoes, which will make you taller by 2-4 inches? THE...

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In the grand scheme of things, height compatibility might not seem like the most important thing in a relationship. However height is often a key feature in what we judge to make a person 'attractive', and men and women alike are often turned off by a large disparity in height. Because of this, men and women tend to have ideas about what is the ideal height and the ideal height difference between them and their perfect partner.  This is especially apparent in people who markedly above or below average height. A recent study by evolutionary psychologist Gert Stulp from the University...

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