Top 5 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

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Top 5 Fashion Tips to Look Taller


1. Wear vertically-oriented patterns

If going horizontal widens and going vertical lengthens, then it also applies to styling. The patterns on your clothing guides the viewers accordingly and creates an illusion to how you want to look. Therefore the best choice when it comes to shirt patterns is vertical stripes. The thinner and narrower the stripes, the slimmer and longer you look.  

2. Wear fitted clothing, Avoid baggy/Low waist trousers  

Baggy=Heavy=Which drags your weight down. Not only does fitted clothes look dapper, but it also avoids dragging you down. Especially for trousers, the important thing is to make your legs look long and slim. In addition to wearing fitted clothing, make sure that your tops don’t pass your hipbone because anything longer would just make your legs look shorter.  

3. Keep accessories to the minimal  

The lower your viewer is looking, the shorter you seem. Therefore accessories such as watches, belts, shoes - should be kept simple, not flashy. In fact, wearing belts segments your body which makes you appear shorted, therefore we really stress the notion that less is more.  

4. But if you insist, keep them up high!  

Although if you want to add a hint of flare into your ensemble, wearing attention grabbing details above your chest naturally guides the eyes of the viewer upwards and psychologically heightens your appearance. You can do this by wearing a tie pin, pocket square or a shirt with a collar of contrasted colour. While elegantly drawing attention upwards, it allows your viewers to think that you are be at a similar height to them.  

5. Wear Altitude Shoes for increasing height!

Height increasing shoes allows you to physically get/look taller. It allows a great space for styling and looking tall for every occasion. Altitude Shoes provides comfortable and fresh shoes for every occasion as well as shoe insoles that gives you an extra 2” to your height!