Altitude 'ULTIMATE 7' Height Increasing Insole

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Maximum Comfort, Maximum Height Every Day

  • Fixed height, full-length design for maximum stability and comfort
  • Slight wrap around design
  • Gender: Unisex 
  • 7 days a week comfort
  • You can cut the shoe pad according to your shoe size.

The Ultimate 7 is the ultimate height increasing insole designed for those people who know how much height the shoes they wear every day can take.

If you've started out with the Altitude Original Height Increasing Insoles then you'll know what you wear the most. The Ultimate 7 gives you your preferred height in a super comfortable memory foam package.

It features a solid, fixed height construction with wrap around edges, designed to give you the right amount of height for every pair of shoes. 

The '7' in Ultimate 7 stands for 7 days a week as these insoles are designed to be the unnoticeable height increase you can wear to work, on the weekends and for special occasions. 

Keep in mind that you'll need to know the right amount of height your shoes can take before investing in a pair of Ultimate 7s. If you're just starting out and you want a complete set to consider the Original product and upgrade to the Ultimate 7 in a couple of months.


Measure your foot and choose the larger size - you can cut the insole to fit using a normal pair of scissors using the cutting guide on the bottom of every insole.

SIZE 35-40 = length 25CM

SIZE 40-46 = length 28.5CM




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