Altitude ULTRATHIN™ Height Increasing Insoles

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Feel taller in every shoe with gel comfort 

  • Subtle height increase
  • No-one will notice but you'll feel taller
  • Confidence boosting
  • Maximum comfort - better than your original shoes
  • Orthopedic Design
  • Every day use 
  • Fits virtually every shoe
  • HoneyComb ShockPlus™ Support Heel Cup

    If a lot of your shoes are low then the UltraThin is a great choice. You’ll feel subtly taller in plush gel comfort.

    The UltraThin is our thinnest height increasing insole and will add a little extra - about 0.5cm by the time the gel is compressed. It's a subtle yet very comfortable increase in height; perfect for daily use 

    For regular use, the ‘feel-taller-ability’ of these low height gel insoles is a great option for tighter fit shoes like Chelsea boots and moccasins.

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