About Us

About Altitude Lifehacks

Altitude Lifehacks is a store focused on supplying YOU with the tools to gain the competitive advantages you need to succeed in the modern image-driven world. We are big believers in genuine self-improvement, but sometimes it's OK to use a few shortcuts!

Life isn't fair. Some of us are born [INSERT EXCUSE HERE - Bald, short, "Fat", ugly, retarded, autistic, etc etc etc blah blah blah] but what we're here to reassure you is that you can get ANYTHING IN LIFE YOU WANT WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. It's just a matter of TIME and PRESSURE.

If you haven't got the balls to take action in your life and get what you want then don't worry about it - and I genuinely don't mean that as an insult. We all take a little while to build the fire in the belly that we require to take action. Sometimes it can happen quickly and in short bursts, other times it can take years, even decades and there will be the birth of an unsuspected LEGEND. Just keep doing what you're doing and once you're pissed off enough you will have the FUEL of the champion.

This is when your natural instincts will come to the forefront and you will become most resourceful and hungry. When you are there - you will find your tools here.

Whether its health, wealth or relationships. We've got your back. We will find you the best latest gear that will give you that edge.


James Silverstone

CEO, Altitude Lifehacks