About Us - Insoles

 Want to look and feel taller instantly & invisibly?

Altitude Insoles add 5cm to your height. They are versatile and fit perfectly in any shoe, matching different styles for different occasions. Whether you want to look taller for a date, job interview or presentation, an extra boost of height will give you better posture, more confidence and lengthened legs. 


And why does height matter?

Studies have indicated that taller men and women are more successful at work, dating and overall are more socially successful. This is due to extra self-confidence the taller individual has as well as being perceived as more dominating and powerful. Therefore, scientific evident that shows tall men and women have a significant advantage over shorter counterparts. While an individual's height is based on various factors, we know that our customers' height don't always reflect their merits.

Which is why we are passionate in giving our customers the opportunity for growth and success in every aspect of life. We believe in offering comfortable insoles that boost confidence and achieve great heights!