Testimonials on Height Increasing Altitude Shoes

This page is regularly updated with testimonials from people who have bought Altitude Shoes.


I have received my shoes and im 250% delighted, my partner can put on her high heels again. I will most certainly be doing business with you again, thank you from a very happy man

- Robert Harrison, UK


"Hey guys, the shoes were great... cheeers! No problem about the small delay in delivery and thanks for the phone call explaining why - great customer service. Anyway, I've attached the picture of me and my girl friend here before and after the shoes... she loves them because now she can wear heels around me and I can still be taller than her - score! Sorry the pics aren't the best quality and are pretty rough but they were the best that I could do with a cheap digital camera :)

Before (wearing normal shoes):



After (wearing my altitudes):




Thanks a lot again lads. I'm a happy man.

- Daniel Hawkins, London, UK


Got my order this afternoon, and just thought id say thrilled i am with the shoes :) theyre babe! Thanks again, will definitely be doing business with you again :)

- Jordan Barnes, UK


just to let you know i recieved my shoes today and i think they are superb. i will feel great walking my daughter down the aisle. thank-you mark.

- Mark Scott, UK


"Shoes arrived as you advised, this afternoon. Would like to say, wow, they are quality, nice one, and thanks for all your help. I will certainly keep an eye on your web page and will do further business with you in the future."

- Terry Collacott, Cheshire, UK


"Hi, just to let you know, I received my shoes..... very happy with the service, they arrived very quickly 4 working days! The shoes look good and are very comfortable. Im sure now that i will buy more shoes from your company in the future. Thanks again. John."

- John, Co Down, Northern Ireland


"Thanks guys. It’s pretty strange looking in the mirror and relating to other people being 3 inches taller. Cheers, I’m thrilled."

- James, Los Angeles, USA


"Thank you. Shoes received in excellent condition and 2 days before expected."

- Chris Rose, London, UK


"I wore these height increasing shoes for the first time last night to a bar. It felt amazing. I was for the first time in my life standing over people who wereshorter than me. Being 3 inches taller really does change things. My girlfriend said that I was looking particularly hot hahaha. The funniest thing is that she didn’t even notice that I was taller! She just said that I looked hot. It may just be my mind playing tricks on me but I also think the women in the bar were paying more attention to me."

- Tyler, London, UK


many many thanks

Order received today and we are both very happy with our purchase

Many thanks again x

- Vicky Brown, East Sussex UK


"PERFECT - high quality and very comfortable."

- Robert, Toronto, Canada


"The shoes were PERFECT - high quality and very comfortable. Thanks!"

- Jason, London, UK


"I Mistyped my adress in the order form and I didn't realize it until I paid ! I was really disapointed and angry at myself, but thanks to your team they fixed everything for me and I recieved my Shoes in no time! Great products with great service."

- Richard, Cardiff, UK


"I just got the shoe. The size is good and I can’t wait to wear them out on the town tonight. Great delivery and service. Thanks a lot!"

- Steve White, London, UK


"I’ve always been really small, 5ft3, for a guy and its always been a problem to me both in my personal and professional life, I tried multiple ways to grow taller, pills, gym exercices etc but thanks to Altitude Shoes I can now grow taller effortlessly whenever I need, I no longer feel like I’m the odd one out all the time."

- Tim, Sydney, Australia


"I was the shortest guy of our crew and even though the other guys are my friends, they always busted my balls for being short, I was always the last one to get laid and girls treated me more like their "little brother" than a real man they wanted to be with. Ever since I started to use Height Increasing Altitude Shoes a lot of things changed, most importantly they helped me grow confidence which helped me both with my friends and with girls, I even have guys coming over and asking me for tips with girls now, thank you Altitude Shoes :-)."

- Trey, Denver, USA


"My wedding was perfect. My now wife, is 5ft7 and I’m 5ft4, I wore them for my wedding and all the photos are just amazing and I really feel they made the day even more special. Thanks a lot guys."

- Nick, Kent, UK