Electronic Mosquito Killer

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-Black color. White 
-Material: Plastic 
-Size: Approx. 19x13x13 cm. 
- Rated voltage: 5 v. 
- Nominal power: 5 w. 
-Serviceable Range: 20-40 ㎡. 
-Sevice long life LED lights with up to 40 square meter coverage to attract the mosquito. 
- Environmental design, low consumption with 5 w of power. 
-Fort suction that inhales the mosquito in the killer lamp. 
-Bonita, simple and modern cover. 
-Note: Please do not put the bulb anywhere near you, for you are more attracted to the mosquito than the bulb is.

1 * Mosquito Killer Light 
1 * USB Cable 
1 * Package Box