The Wedge - Altitude Height Increasing Heel Lift

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When height is all that matters

  • Maximum possible height in all shoes
  • Ideal for tighter shoes
  • Best option if your shoes don't have laces
  • Sizes to suit every shoe
  • Airbubble technology
  • The biggest height and confidence boost available

Wedges will get you the maximum height possible for the shoes and are comfortable enough for occasional use

A wedge can get you between 0.5cm and 1cm more than a full-length insole. This is because there's nothing pressing up under the bridge of your foot. That means there's more room in the shoe to lift the heel.


  Top Tip: If you really want to gain a lot of height, a wedge in a Timberland boot will get you taller than any other invisible combination we've found. It's the tallest you can get which is ideal for a date or casual meeting. The combination of insole and Timberland heel can add up to 8cm of height - that's a whopping 3.15 inches. That means if you're 6'8" you'll be just shy of 6' with this epic combination. 



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