Altitude Slim and Tall Deluxe Illusion Shirt (3 Colors)

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The 'Look Taller Illusion' shirt is a high quality, cotton casual shirt specifically designed to give the illusion of being slimmer and taller. 

There's some pretty cool science that makes this happen - basically, the way it works is that the thick stripes on the sides accentuate and widen the appearance of the upper third of the torso, not only giving that perfect 'V-taper' but also drawing the eyes upwards. The subtle vertical pinstripes also give the appearance of elongating the torso and draw the eyes upwards.

For best results - wear it untucked with or without a tie for a relaxed casual look. Keep accessories to a minimum. If you do wish to accessorise, keep them high such as neck jewellery and hats. Wear with dark pants or jeans and pair with Height increasing insoles or Height Increasing shoes.

As with all 'look taller' products, vertical stripes help you to look taller. The thin material used also stops the clothing from horizontal 'bulking' which can make you look shorter. For more cool science on how this all works - check out our article here.

Available in Black or White and in 7 different sizes with FREE TRACKED delivery in the USA.