Natural 10ml Men's Beeswax Beard Oil for Styling, Moisturizing, Smoothing

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Beard Oil that Nourishes your dry and rugged beard!

Our Beeswax  Beard Conditioning Oil is our unique mix of the finest natural ingredients. A perfectly balanced blend of Argan, Almond, Avocado and Jojoba Oils will leave your beard feeling  soft and tamed.

Beeswax Beard Conditioning Oil makes styling and maintaining your natural look a breeze.

Easy to apply to your beard:

-Work in to your clean, freshly washed beard

-Start with one pump of oil applying primarily to the roots

-Apply more generously as confidence grows

For the best results use daily

This versatile oil can be used to help treat dry, damaged and coarse beards as well as daily styling for your beard and hair.

An easily affordable necessity as a 100ml bottle  will last up to 4 months,  and gets the job done!

Tame your hair and beard once and for all. Add to cart now!