SlimBody Shaper

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 The SlimBody Shaper shirt gives you an athletic look and increases your confidence, while training, working, in a meeting or on a date!

The tank top is comfortable to wear and reduces your greasy Pölst treat for a firmer looking tummy throughout the day. Very nice to wear under a shirt or t-shirt and no one will notice it!

Tightly fitted shirt, no one will ever know you're wearing it!

-It's designed to give firm abdominal support, smaller waist and reinforce the lower back. It is tightly fitted, and feature a special weave across 12 pressure points in the stomach area to ensure a tighter look across the beer belly and love handles.

- Makes you look and feel slimmer.
- Looks like a normal vest.
- Criss-Cross Spandex design to provide great results.
- Additional support across the stomach area.
- Provides additional back and spinal support.
- Effectively removes the visibility of back rolls.
- Firms the buttocks, flattens abs and slims the waist.
- Shapes your body into a slimmer figure.
- Strongly supportive but incredibly comfortable and lightweight.
- Assists with support for back problems.
- Comfortable, discreet, and only you will know you are wearing it.
- Comfortable to wear.