Altitude Nail Care Stainless Steel Keyring Clipper

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With a  smart, discrete design this stainless steel nail clipper can be taken with you on your keys.  

A good fingernail trim is a pleasant and pleasing experience! Hard for most people to believe, but consider the mani-pedi spa: they exist for a reason. Getting your nails treated well feels good, and if you €™re the one doing the treatment, it comes with the added satisfaction of a job well done.

Men €™s nails may not be as dramatically highlighted most of the time, but flip through any paperback romance novel and you €™ll probably find a reference to the hero €™s hands. They €™re almost always described as strong, sometimes as elegant €” and frequently as having €œclean, neatly trimmed nails € or some very similar phrasing.

At the very least you should believe in the potential negative effect of badly-trimmed nails. If it €™s really too much to believe that nicely squared-off fingernails are sexy on a man, you can still accept that long, snaggly, uneven nails look creepy and a little terrifying. That €™s not going to add to your sex appeal.

Don €™t discount the practical side to all this beauty talk, either €” no one wants a loving caress from sharp or torn fingernails that are going to scratch the skin!



Size: approx. 6cm x 1.2cm
Overall Length (including the Key Ring): 8.8cm

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