Stove Protector Pad

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♥Reuseable & High-quality glass fiber cloth coated so remove oil stains easily.
♥High temperature resistance range (-70~260 Celsius).
♥Prevent oil stains from spilling when you cooking.
♥Non-toxic & Anti-corrosion material & protect your safe.




For food heating:

1) Use the scissors to cut the roasting plate into the required size and shape.

2) Placed on a pan, pan or other container.

3) Put food on the baking plate.

4) When the food is roasted, remove the roasting plate and wash it with washing water.

5) Baking plates can be used repeatedly.


For oven washer:

1) Electric oven - placed on the bottom of the electric oven or on the bottom grill.

2) Steam oven - placed on the bottom of the baking rack, not directly placed on the bottom.

3) As a pretreatment surface, it can be used for working dough table by applying its anti-sticking characteristics.